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Plaque - homeMost people will be or have been tenants in rental properties at some time in their lives, either because they are just leaving home, or in a new relationship, or have a new job in a new area, or even in a new country.

How often however do you as tenants check the credentials of the agent who is offering the property? So often the appeal of a flat or house blots out common sense in the search for the ideal property. But this can be a costly mistake as many have found. To use an unregulated agent means that staff may be unqualified and your interests as a tenant are totally unprotected.

The Home Management Company Limited is regulated and a fully licensed member of ARLA (The Association of Residential Letting Agents). We protect your deposit with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, to ensure complete compliance with current legislation.

We are meticulous in ensuring a safe property for you to move into which meets all the Safety Requirements, and ensure a well managed tenancy.

Information for new applicant tenants

Upon confirmation by an applicant or applicants that they wish to proceed with the process of renting a property, it is the policy of The Home Management Company to charge a one-off administration fee of £140 inc vat. An additional £60 inc vat is applied for each additional applicant or guarantor where references are being taken. A charge of £200 inc vat is applicable for a Company application.

No further administrative charges are made by this office for renewal of same tenancy, although additional administrative charges may apply if during the course of the tenancy the occupants change, or a change in circumstance requires changes to the existing agreement. These will be individually negotiated at the time. Check-out fees always apply, as detailed below.

It is usual for a good intent payment of £400 to be requested, given that the property has been removed from the market on your behalf. Should the tenancy proceed as planned, this amount will form part of the deposit money as is required to be held. However should you choose not to proceed as agreed, when all references and documentation have been prepared, this amount will be forfeited. Should the landlord withdraw the property from the market, and where suitable alternative accommodation through this office cannot be found, a full refund will be made to you. Should references not be acceptable to the landlord and the tenancy not allowed to commence as a result, a refund of the good intent payment and the administration charge will be paid less £60 inc vat per applicant upon whom references had been taken.

The first month’s rent and the deposit are required to be submitted as cleared funds prior to the commencement of the tenancy. It must be acknowledged by all parties concerned that acceptance is Subject to Contract and cannot be guaranteed in advance of contracts being agreed, signed and dated by both parties and cleared funds of the amount required being lodged with The Home Management Company Limited. If in the meantime there is any further information we can provide, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Check out fees, as follows: £90 inc VAT for a studio/one bed unfurnished property or £108 inc VAT for furnished, £126 inc VAT for a two bed unfurnished property or £144 inc VAT for furnished, £162 inc VAT for a three bed unfurnished property or £180 inc VAT for furnished, £198 inc VAT for a four bed unfurnished property or £216 inc VAT for furnished, and £234 inc VAT for a five bed unfurnished property or £252 inc VAT for furnished. Larger properties will be subject to individual assessment.

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